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Rodolphe Durand is the GDF-Suez professor of strategy at HEC-Paris where he chaired the Strategy & Business Policy department (2009-2013). He is also the MSc Strategic Management’s Academic Director. In 2009, he launched the Society and Organizations Research Center. In 2011, he was Visiting Professor at New York University (Stern Business School) and at Cambridge University (Judge Business School), and in 2012 Visiting Scholar at Harvard Business School.

Rodolphe’s primary research interests concern the sources of competitive advantage and the interplay between the strategic, social, and institutional determinants of performance. Why do firms supersede rivals? Can organizations alter their environment, at which conditions and what are the consequences? How do norms and reputation influence how markets work? Should firms really innovate or rather conform to established logics?

For his work on these questions that integrate research streams from sociology, philosophy, and management, Rodolphe received the American Sociological Association’s R. Scott Award in 2005 and the European Academy of Management/Imagination Lab Award for Innovative Scholarship in 2010.

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