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Rita graduated from Georgetown University in 2013. During her senior year at Georgetown, she studied Existentialism under Professor Ambrosio, which led her to the frightening question – “who am I, and what on earth will I do after college?” Luckily, she began working for Professor Ambrosio on the MyDante project soon after graduation. Before she knew it, she’d fallen in love with the Divine Comedy. E quindi uscimmo a riveder le stelle.

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Mar 15th 2017

Leaving Earth behind and beneath, the Pilgrim Dante is transformed into the disciple of Beatrice. She now becomes his true path, la diritta via, along which he gradually discovers the Joy that Christianity identifies as the hope of Resurrection.

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Sep 28th 2016

After his harrowing descent into the depths of despair, the Pilgrim Dante emerges with Virgil onto the Isle of Mount Purgatorio in the southern hemisphere. There he will be healed of sin and prepared for his climactic reunion with Beatrice.

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