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Originally a self-taught flute player, composer and arranger, in 1989 Richard Worth fled the UK for New York City. There, he played at being nearly a rockstar, founding a jazz/latin/funk outfit called Groove Collective,recording 6 albums (while he was still with them) and touring around the world, including performances at The North Sea and Montreux jazz festivals, and large rock venues such as Red Rocks Amphitheater Colorado. During this time he also worked as a session player often on hip hop and dance records-notably Masters at Work and the Nuyorican soul project (for those who know about such scenes).

He then returned to the UK, and in 2008 completed his masters in composition at Edinburgh University, and is now pursuing a PhD under the tutelage of Professors Nigel Osborne and Peter Nelson. In the same year he won the Emre Araci composition competition, run each year by the Edinburgh University String Orchestra. He was a member of the group of post graduate composers to have a piece performed at King’s Place in October 2009 (his string quartet “..but those unheard are sweeter”), as well as performing Vassilis Kitsos’s ‘Niobi’ for solo flute; both pieces were subsequently broadcast on Radio 3’s ‘Hear and Now’.

As well as formal composition within the music department he has also expanded his horizons into new musical areas, playing in Jim Sutherland’s True North Orchestra, an updated approach to the Scottish tradition, as well as making gigs in the more familiar territories of jazz, Latin and funk.

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