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Radu Atanasiu has had several career paths. He is a dentist by training and has managed his dental practice for 9 years. Also, he held for 6 years a managing position in a publishing company, has led its sale process in 2004-2005, and for a while, has counseled the new owners and helped organizational integration. For the last six years, Radu has been managing various building and real estate projects. Also, he was a partner in two consultancy companies, one in M&A and the other, more recently, in organizational transformation.

After graduating with distinction the Executive MBA program of the Central European University in 2010, Radu was actively involved in several aspects of the newly created Maastricht School of Management Romania. He is the alumni representative in the school’s Advisory Board, representing both CEU and MsM Alumni.

More info: http://www.msmromania.org/content/radu-atanasiu

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