Pierluigi Leone




Pierluigi Leone – Energy Department – Politecnico di Torino. From this institution, he received both his M.Sc. in Mechanical Engineering in 2004 and his Ph.D. in Energetics in 2008. He is professor of Energy Sustainability and Global Energy Trends and Outlook.

Pierluigi Leone’s research is focused on electro- and thermo-chemical systems for energy applications with a particular focus on fuel cells, electrical energy storage devices and biomass processing technology. He has developed a strong interest in the field of energetics and in this framework to contextualize energy technology innovations, that is a systemic and a multi-dimensional assessment of energy systems.

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Sep 4th 2017

A multidimensional and systemic thinking about the world energy challenge. A continuous flow of energy crosses our whole life. The food we eat, the car we drive, lights that illuminate our cities or the radio that plays our favorite songs, are all manifestations of energy. Our biological life can be explained in terms of energy and even our emotions and feelings to a certain extent.

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