Patricia Huion

Patricia Huion is a senior researcher and European project writer and manager. MA in Germanic Filology (KULeuven) and an MSc in Educational Sciences (KULeuven).
She co-pioneered adult education for drop-outs based on Paolo Freire’s pedagogy: (second chance education (TKO)) and co-created the first Euregional Master course "Communication and multimediadesign together with hogeschool Zuyd (the Netherlands) and Fachhochschule Aachen ( Germany). She has co-written an Euregional project c-md services creating a platform for multimedia SME’s (arts department & technology department), FABLAB (LSM, arts department), Loading stations for electric cars (TETRA, Arts & Engineering department), OPen Garments (FP7, arts department), Werk voor mij (diversity funding, Management & Technology department). She has been head of communication and multimediadesign: head of research in the arts department,head of research and development of KHLIM.
She writes learner-centred European projects on digital literacies, translanguaging, communities, sense of entrepreneurship, creatical thinking, inclusive education, flipped class, moods and learning environments. She enjoys working on the interface of disciplines exploring their interconnectedness, the emerging opportunities for innovation and their knowledge creation using improvisation and storytelling.

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