Paolo Cremonesi

Paolo Cremonesi is associate professor at the Computer Science Department of Politecnico di Milano and local coordinator of the EIT Digital double degree programme in Data Science. His research interests include recommender systems, machine learning, predictive models, and high-performance computing.

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Advanced Recommender Systems (Coursera)

Jan 31st 2022
Advanced Recommender Systems (Coursera)
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In this course, you will see how to use advanced machine learning techniques in order to build more sophisticated recommender systems. Machine Learning is able to provide recommendations and make better predictions, by taking advantage of historical opinions from users and building up the model automatically, without the need [...]
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Basic Recommender Systems (Coursera)

This course introduces you to the leading approaches in recommender systems. The techniques described touch both collaborative and content-based approaches and include the most important algorithms used to provide recommendations. You'll learn how they work, how to use and how to evaluate them, pointing out benefits and limits of [...]
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