Nathalia Gjersoe




I am a developmental psychologist, specifically interested in how the developing brain understands scientific concepts and what natural cognitive hurdles there are in teaching science to children and adults. I did my undergraduate degree at Edinburgh University, worked in research for 3 years and then went to Bristol University to do my PhD in Cognitive and Perceptual Development with Prof Bruce Hood. I am now a lecturer in Developmental Psychology at the Open University, Teaching Associate at Bristol University and consultant for Aardman Animations.

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Mar 20th 2017

Delve into the lives of children and discuss the potential benefits and limitations of technology in their lives. Are you a technology optimist or a technology pessimist? The amount of technology available to children today is greater than in any previous generation, and it is more specifically designed to capture their imaginations. There is heated debate as to how the digital influx is shaping children’s development and experience.

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