Natalie Delia Deckard

Natalie Delia Deckard is an Assistant Professor of Sociology at Davidson College. Professor Deckard's teaching and research focuses on explaining the ways in which we construct belonging and exclusion in a market-driven world. By looking at phenomena as diverse as separatist movements, human trafficking, and incarceration, her work investigates the changing character of the state and the citizen. Her research has been published in The Sociological Quarterly, Citizenship Studies, Sociology Compass, Studies in Conflict and Terrorism, and other academic journals. It has been featured in The Nation and online.

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Engagement in a Time of Polarization (edX)

How have our online interactions and engagement - as a society - become so toxic? Is there anything we as individuals and citizens can do to stop this trend, or at least stop it from stopping us? How can we work together in a society where our communications channels [...]
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