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Monk Rowe has been an instructor of saxophone at Hamilton College and the Joe Williams Director of the Fillius Jazz Archive since 1995. In this role, he has personally conducted videotaped interviews with over three hundred jazz personalities across the country. Monk is an active pianist and saxophonist and has composed and arranged music for numerous ensembles, including the Fredonia Alumni Jazz Ensemble and the Utica Symphony. He is active in the field of aesthetic education and frequently conducts interactive workshops on blues and improvised music.

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Sep 6th 2016

Learn what’s unique about jazz (swing, improvisation, structure and expression) and get an insider’s view from celebrated jazz musicians. Innovations in music rank among America’s most significant contributions to global culture, none more so than jazz. From its humble beginnings as dance hall entertainment, jazz is now embraced as an art form, respected and imitated the world over.

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