Michael Gordon

Michael Gordon is the Arthur F. Thurnau Professor of Social Entrepreneurial Studies at the Ross School of Business, University of Michigan. He teaches social entrepreneurship and finance for societal good, and has been honored as one the university’s outstanding teachers. He has had broad experience helping organizations around the world address societal problems. He is the author of three books on social entrepreneurship. His Coursera course is based on his recent book, Becoming a Social Entrepreneur: Starting Out, Scaling Up, Staying True. This book is a nuanced examination of social entrepreneurship, explaining what it’s like to be a social entrepreneur on the ground. It is based on detailed interviews with 100+ people changing the world — from six continents, young and old, just starting out to several decades in, addressing seemingly every societal problem of the day. Using their words and experiences, the book tells what social entrepreneurs wished they had known when they were staring out. A lifelong teacher, Michael Gordon shares thoughts, lessons, and encouragement, and a special welcome to Coursera students at profmichaelgordon.com/coursera-students.

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Becoming a Social Entrepreneur: Getting Started (Coursera)

Do you have an idea that could help solve a societal problem? Are you wondering if starting a social enterprise is the best way to go forward? You are thinking about becoming a social entrepreneur! In this course, you’ll critically examine what makes for a good idea, and whether [...]