Lydia Kavanagh

Associate Professor Lydia Kavanagh is a chemical engineer who has worked in many teams over the course of her career. These teams have ranged from large wastewater treatment plants (an industry team) to project-centred curricula for accredited engineering undergraduate degrees (an institutional team) to workshops disseminating global initiatives in the field of eLearning (a research team).
Lydia was a principal engineer for a large environmental consultancy before returning to teach the next generation of engineers. In her current role of Director of First Year Engineering at The University of Queensland, Lydia works with a cohort of over 1100 students and is involved in the development of their teamwork skills by supporting them as they work in multi-disciplinary teams to design, build and demonstrate solutions to real world problems. This experience, plus Lydia's own working knowledge of teams, has given her a unique insight into what helps students work well in teams,​ and she has captured this knowledge in this MOOC.

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Working in Teams: A Practical Guide (edX)

Learn how to build effective teams, be a great team player and manage team conflict. Teamwork is an essential component of most professional activities in the modern world. But what makes an effective team? This course is an introduction to teamwork skills for all disciplines that will help you [...]
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