Liz Mulligan-Ferry




Liz conducts research on many areas of diversity and inclusion, including corporate governance, talent management, organizational change, and work-life effectiveness. As a member of the Catalyst Research Center for Corporate Practice, Ms. Mulligan-Ferry liaises with organizations about their institutional D&I efforts, creates Catalyst Practices—innovative organizational strategies that support diversity and inclusion—and manages the Catalyst Practices Recognition Program, a new, global model for recognizing innovative Practices. She also co-leads the internal Work-Life Issue Specialty Team.

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Develop skills to go beyond balance and better manage work-life priorities as individuals and leaders. BONUS! Verified Certificate earners will get Managing Flex, a toolkit to help understand and create flexible work arrangements. Do you ever struggle to manage work and the rest of your life? You are not alone. Men and women all over the world are trying to figure out the impossible work-life “balance” and instead achieve success in all parts of their lives. Join Catalyst experts to learn the importance of inclusive leadership in creating flexible—and productive—work environments.

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Oct 13th 2015

Beyond work-life "balance" - develop skills for achieving work-life effectiveness as an individual and as a leader.

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