Lisa M. Barker

Lisa Barker is an Assistant Professor in the Department of Secondary and Middle School Education at Towson University, and editor of English Journal’s column, “Under Discussion: Teaching Speaking and Listening.” She teaches courses on English education and young adult literature, designs research on how the principles and practices of improvisational theatre can inform the work of educators, and facilitates workshops on improvisation and creativity for a range of international corporate clients. She received her PhD in Curriculum and Teacher Education from Stanford University and her MA in Educational Theatre from New York University. She has taught at SUNY New Paltz and the Stanford Teacher Education Program, performed with the Stanford Improvisors and children’s theatre companies such as Chicago’s Barrel of Monkeys and New York’s Story Pirates, and founded Stanford’s first children’s repertory theatre company. She also served as Director of Education for Adventure Stage Chicago and Manager of CUNY Creative Arts Team’s Center for Educational Drama, where she helped launch the first MA in Applied Theatre in the US. Lisa began her career as an English, reading, and drama teacher at James Lick High School in San Jose, CA.

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