Linden Lu

Linden Lu joined the Gies College of Business in August of 2017. He earned Bachelors in Computer Science from Tsinghua University, Masters in Computer Science from Indiana University, and a Masters in Finance from University of Illinois. Before joining the University of Illinois, Linden worked as a software engineer and consultant in various industries including publication, e-commerce, media, finance and insurance. He now focuses on teaching data analytics to accounting students at the University of Illinois. Besides teaching, Linden enjoys hiking and all kind of sports. He's a single-digit handicap golfer and his home golf course is University of Illinois Golf Course. He is married to an amazing woman who's also a faculty member in the Gies College of Business and he has two high school boys.

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Machine Learning for Accounting with Python (Coursera)

This course, Machine Learning for Accounting with Python, introduces machine learning algorithms (models) and their applications in accounting problems. It covers classification, regression, clustering, text analysis, time series analysis. It also discusses model evaluation and model optimization. This course provides an entry point for students to be able to [...]

Accounting Data Analytics with Python (Coursera)

This course focuses on developing Python skills for assembling business data. It will cover some of the same material from Introduction to Accounting Data Analytics and Visualization, but in a more general purpose programming environment (Jupyter Notebook for Python), rather than in Excel and the Visual Basic Editor. These [...]

Data Analytics in Accounting Capstone (Coursera)

This capstone is the last course in the Data Analytics in Accountancy Specialization. In this capstone course, you are going to take the knowledge and skills you have acquired from the previous courses and apply them to a real-world problem. You will be provided with a loan dataset from [...]