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Lachlan is a talented multi-instrumentalist, being equally at home on piano, guitar, flute, saxophone and bass guitar. Lachlan welcomes both beginners and advanced students, and particlarly strives to adjust the curriculum for each student's musical interests and needs to include appropriate material for learning and fun.

Lachlan has expert knowledge in music theory and the fundamentals of solid instrumental technique, and has great success in preparing students for music exams. He is also experienced in computer music notation software and Musical Instrument Digital Interface - MIDI.

Lachlan started his musical training on piano, before adding guitar, bass guitar, saxophone and flute, passing grade 7 saxophone less than 2 years after first picking up the instrument! Lachlan's musical background also includes studies in music at the University of Melbourne and service with an Australian military band.

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An introduction to the fundamentals of music theory and notation.

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