Kathleen Styles

Kathleen Styles is the Department of Education’s first Chief Privacy Officer where she serves as the senior advisor to the Secretary on Departmental policies and programs related to privacy and confidentiality. She is a frequent speaker on issues related to student privacy, and she coordinates technical assistance to states, districts, and schools related to privacy best practices and compliance. She heads a new division dedicated to advancing the responsible stewardship, collection, use, maintenance and disclosure of information at the national level within the Education Department. Kathleen is responsible for the Department’s operations relating to the Family Educational Rights Privacy Act (FERPA), the Freedom of Information Act (FOIA), records management, information collection clearance, departmental directives, privacy safeguards, and disclosure avoidance. Kathleen is an attorney, licensed to practice law in Texas and the District of Columbia, and she is CIPP-G certified in government information privacy.

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Data is essential for improving outcomes for students. Whether it is informing improved instruction, empowering parents and communities, or helping policymakers make decisions and target resources, our education system needs data in order to continuously improve. In order to create a culture of trust that enables effective data use, [...]
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