Katherine Stevens




I spent 4 years at the University of York, studying firstly for a BSc in Economics, followed by a Masters in Health Economics. I joined the former Sheffield Health Economics Group in October 2000 and am now part of the Health Economics and Decision Science (HEDS) Section. In August 2005 I was awarded an MRC Special Training Fellowship in Health Services and Health of the Public Research. The award was for three years and I developed a preference based paediatric generic health related quality of life measure for use in economic evaluation, the Child Health Utility 9D (CHU9D). Further details can be found here. In 2009 I was awarded an ESRC/MRC/NIHR Early Career Post Doctoral Fellowship in the Economics of Health to further develop and apply the CHU9D. Previous work in the area of the measurement and valuation of health includes a UK valuation study of the Health Utilities Index (HUI) II, and developing a preference based measure of quality of life for children with atopic dermatitis.

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Jul 3rd 2017

Learn how Patient Reported Outcome Measures and Quality Adjusted Life Years can compare treatments and inform healthcare spending. Healthcare systems around the world are increasingly under pressure to fund drugs, treatments and other healthcare interventions. No-one has the money or resources to provide them all, so how do we decide which ones to fund?

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