Kas Hemmes

Dr. Kas Hemmes is associate professor at TU Delft. After his master's in physics he was coordinator of the Delft fuel cell research program in the Materials Science Department for 15 years. As of 2001 he joined the faculty of Technology Policy and Management working on energy systems, sustainability and technology dynamics. He has coordinated a number of European and national research projects in the area of fuel cells, hydrogen and natural gas at the interface of technology and society. He has published 88 articles in ISI journals (Web of Science) and has an H-index of 13.

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Sustainability in Architecture: An Interdisciplinary Introduction (edX)

This course introduces the basic elements and trends that define sustainability practices in Architecture today. It follows an interdisciplinary approach that includes performance assessment and urban policies. This course offers an interdisciplinary approach to sustainability in Architecture. Learners will be introduced to the basic elements of sustainability [...]
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