Juan A. Marin-García

Ph. D. Juan A. Marin-Garcia is an Associate Professor, member of the Departamento de Organización de Empresas at the Universitat Politècnica de València (Spain). He has been Lecturer in Management, Teamwork and Human Resources Management since 1994, in the Degrees of Industrial Engineering and Business Management. Moreover, he is also Lecturer and Coordinator in Master courses and PhD programs. He is involved in the training of university lecturers and staff. Concerning these areas, he has also worked as a consultant for some companies in Spain and El Salvador (Central America). He is founder member of the Research Groups ROGLE and i-GRHUP where he develops research tasks in different projects. He is also founder member and designer and developer of pedagogical activities at IEMA (Innovation Group for Assessment and Active Methodologies). His main research areas are Participative Management, Continuous Improvement, Lean Manufacturing Systems, TQM, TPM, Performance Evaluation and Active Learning in Higher Education. He is Chief Editor of two academic journals: Working Papers on Operations Management, and Journal of Industrial Engineering and Management. He is also Associate Editor in REDU-Revista de Docencia Universitaria.

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