John Byrd

I teach MBA finance and sustainable business course at the University of Colorado Denver. My research interests are in corporate governance and how companies are (or are not) becoming more sustainable especially in the area of climate change and carbon emissions. Before getting into college teaching I worked as a rafting guide in Utah and mountaineering guide in Colorado. My family and I live in Durango, Colorado and enjoy doing outdoor activities.

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Capstone: Creating A Sustainability Proposal (Coursera)

Congratulations on reaching the Capstone Class of the Become a Sustainable Business Change Agent specialization. The class will help you apply material from the previous three classes. We have developed a case about a hypothetical ski resort that offers lots of opportunities to develop sustainability recommendations. [...]

Sustainable Business: Big Issues, Big Changes (Coursera)

This is class 3 in the MOOC specialization, Become a Sustainable Business Change Agent. This class looks at the big issues companies are fixing - climate change, water, worker satisfaction and supply chain issues. You will learn tools to help your company address these issues intelligently. The class ends [...]

More on Change and Sustainability (Coursera)

This is Class 2 of the MOOC Specialization, Become a Sustainable Business Change Agent. In this class you will learn more change agent skills and hear from people who have made changes in their organizations. You will also learn more about green design and sustainability reporting. The skills from [...]

First Steps in Making the Business Case for Sustainability (Coursera)

The Business School at the University of Colorado Denver wants to help you become a change agent for sustainable business. We hope that with the skills and concepts you gain from this specialization that you will help your business reduce its social and environmental impact. Being a change [...]