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Gavin is an “Adult Third-Culture Kid”; born in Scotland, lived in Canada from age 1 to 10, and spent 10 years in Western Europe between ages 10 and 21. After 7 years in Montreal, he moved to New Zealand in 1983 where he worked as a high school English and ESOL teacher, a test development researcher and research manager, and as a senior lecturer of research methodology at The University of Auckland. He has just completed 2½ years in Hong Kong at the Institute of Education where he extended his research into Chinese contexts. His research focus is on school-based assessment, informed by psychometric theory, with a special focus on the social psychology of people’s responses to educational assessment. Hence, he focus on measuring academic performance, affective attitudes, and investigating how assessment is understood by students and teachers. He is currently carrying out cross-cultural research investigating socio-cultural factors that explain systematic differences between societies in how teachers and students conceive of assessment. In addition to giving papers at international academic conferences, he has given talks on educational assessment topics in Brazil, Canada, China, Chile, Germany, Hong Kong, Malaysia, Queensland, New Zealand, and South Africa. He is especially interested in supervising research students who will undertake a mixture of qualitative and quantitative research around teachers' and/or students' thinking about and practices of assessment and the impact of those conceptions and practices on educational outcomes for students.

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You will consider various techniques which help to assess student learning. The course also will help you to acquire the skills to develop and use appropriate assessment procedures. This course is part of the Foundations of Teaching for Learning program which is designed to assist people who are currently teaching but have had no formal teacher education improve their understanding of their role and work as a teacher. This set of courses will enhance your knowledge and understanding about learning and teaching and what makes a teacher a professional.

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