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Francis J. Ambrosio is an Associate Professor at Georgetown University. He was born in New York City in1949 and graduated from Regis High School in Manhattan. He received a B.A. in Literature and Philosophy, summa cum laude in cursu honoris, from Fordham, where he was elected a member of Phi Beta Kappa. After studies in Italian language and literature in Florence, Italy, he completed his doctoral degree at Fordham University in 1981, with a specialization in contemporary European Philosophy. In 1976, he was appointed Assistant to the President at St. Joseph's University, Philadelphia, and in 1979 became Director of Planning. In 1981, Dr. Ambrosio joined the faculty of the Department of Philosophy of Georgetown University.

Dr. Ambrosio’s main research interests are in the areas of hermeneutics and Decontruction, especially the work of Hans-George Gadamer and Jacques Derrida.

He is Co-Director, with Dr. Edward Maloney of CNDLS,of the Georgetown "MyDante" Project, a web based platorm for readers of Dante's Divine Comedy. (

His course "Philosophy, Religion and the Meaning of Life," a 36 lecture series is available as part of the "Great Courses" produce by The Teaching Company.

Dr. Ambrosio’s teaching interests are in the areas of Plato, Existentialism, Dante, and Christian Philosophy. From 1987 until 2007, he regularly conducted study programs for Georgetown at Villa Le Balze, the University's campus in Fiesole, Italy, focusing on the development of the Florentine Renaissance. He continues to lead study tours to Tuscany, Umbria and Le Marche as Director of The Renaissance Company

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Mar 15th 2017

Leaving Earth behind and beneath, the Pilgrim Dante is transformed into the disciple of Beatrice. She now becomes his true path, la diritta via, along which he gradually discovers the Joy that Christianity identifies as the hope of Resurrection.

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Sep 28th 2016

After his harrowing descent into the depths of despair, the Pilgrim Dante emerges with Virgil onto the Isle of Mount Purgatorio in the southern hemisphere. There he will be healed of sin and prepared for his climactic reunion with Beatrice.

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Mar 15th 2016

Jorge Luis Borges, the great Argentine writer, said that no one should deny themselves the pleasure of reading Dante's Divine Comedy. In this course, you will discover precisely what Borges meant.

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