Fran McInerney

Fran is a registered nurse with postgraduate qualifications in applied science, sociology and public health. Her clinical, education and research practice is located in the fields of aged and palliative care. She is the Understanding Dementia MOOC academic coordinator. Fran’s research uses methods that enhance understandings of practice and practice change in health care. Prior to moving to Wicking in August 2014 she was Chair of Aged Care with the Australian Catholic University and Mercy Health in Melbourne.
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Understanding Dementia (University of Tasmania)

Jul 5th 2022
Understanding Dementia (University of Tasmania)
Free Course
The Understanding Dementia MOOC was developed by the Wicking Dementia Research and Education Centre based in the College of Health and Medicine at the University of Tasmania. This world-leading online course is free, easily accessible and available to everyone with an interest in dementia. This course is free and [...]