Eileen Tipoe

Eileen Tipoe is a Senior Lecturer and Education Expert at Queen Mary University of London, and a Staff Economist at CORE Economics Education.

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Doing Economics: Measuring Climate Change (Coursera)

This course will give you practical experience in working with real-world data, with applications to important policy issues in today’s society. Each week, you will learn specific data handling skills in Excel and use these techniques to analyse climate change data, with appropriate readings to provide background information on [...]

Measuring Economic Inequality in Today’s World (FutureLearn)

May 23rd 2022
Measuring Economic Inequality in Today’s World (FutureLearn)
Course Auditing
Learn to analyse data related to economic inequality, and present it in a way that can foster government policy change. Measure wealth and income inequality to promote meaningful public policy change. Overall living standards around the world have jumped in the past 250 years, but this has been accompanied [...]