Economic Inequality

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Inequality and Democracy (Coursera)

Most countries are getting more and more unequal. But the core of democracy is political equality: that everyone should have an equal say in how their country is run. Can we really expect these things to go together? Can people have equal political power while economic inequality grows and [...]

Measuring Economic Inequality in Today’s World (FutureLearn)

May 23rd 2022
Measuring Economic Inequality in Today’s World (FutureLearn)
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Learn to analyse data related to economic inequality, and present it in a way that can foster government policy change. Measure wealth and income inequality to promote meaningful public policy change. Overall living standards around the world have jumped in the past 250 years, but this has been accompanied [...]

Challenging Wealth and Income Inequality (FutureLearn)

Explore the concerns about rising generational and economic inequality in developed countries, with this free online course. From religious leaders to heads of state, everyone is talking about economic inequality. What form can such inequality take in different countries? What impact does it have on society? And why should [...]