Don Grant

Don Grant is a Professor of Sociology and the Director of the Care, Health, and Resilience Program at the University of Colorado in Boulder. He is also a Fellow at the Renewable and Sustainable Energy Institute and Director of his university’s Program in Social Innovation. His most recent book, Nursing the Spirit: Care, Public Life, and the Dignity of Vulnerable Strangers, explores the moral challenges of helping professionals and is under contract with Columbia University Press.

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Suffering and the Human Condition (Coursera)

Suffering is an inevitable yet poorly understood feature of human existence. This course examines how societies respond to the puzzling reality of human anguish. Among the questions it addresses are the following: What is suffering? Which types of human affliction are unique to the modern [...]

Thinking About Care (Coursera)

Aug 8th 2022
Thinking About Care (Coursera)
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Although all humans require care to develop and thrive, it is rarely the focus of academic studies. This course enriches learner’s understanding of this critical yet underappreciated facet of their lives by addressing such questions as: What is care? Who has traditionally provided it? How valued is care work? [...]

The Challenges of Modern Caregiving (Coursera)

Care workers are occasionally lauded as “heroes” of society, but the special challenges they face are not fully understood. This course examines how the organization of care has changed in modern times and the dilemmas those developments pose to helping professionals. Among the questions it engages are: How does [...]