David van Bodegom




David van Bodegom became fascinated about the ageing process during his study of medicine. For his PhD research he studied healthy ageing in Ghana. There, he realised that many of the diseases that he saw every day in the consultation room in the Netherlands were absent in Ghana. He has made it his mission to translate his findings in Ghana into interventions for our modern environment. To that end, he has left the consultation room because he is convinced that the key to healthy ageing lies in the public space. Our daily environments should help us make healthy choice the easy, the normal, the fun choice.

David van Bodegom has published 75 peer-reviewed articles about healthy ageing. Last year he wrote the best selling book: Guide to growing older. He is also holds a master in Ancient history and is an award winning fiction writer.

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Learn how to make healthy choices and adjustments to your lifestyle and environment to help you live a healthier, happier and longer life. Many health complaints, such as cardiovascular disease, diabetes or joint problems seem inescapable diseases of old-age, but originate mostly from our lifestyle. A lifestyle that is dictated much in part by our environment. The mismatch between our 'old' genes - our evolutionary heritage - and the 'modern' environment is the reason that we cannot resist the constant stimuli that seduce us to make unhealthy choices. Do's and don'ts cannot help us.

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