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David Uslan began his career even before graduating from college as an intern with D.C. Comics, Walter Cronkite’s production company and Wild Brain Animation Studios. After graduating from Indiana University in 2002, Mr. Uslan joined International Creative Management (ICM). In late 2003, armed with a passion for comic books, history, and creative development, Mr. Uslan went to work for his mentor and father, Michael Uslan, where he assisted in developing and producing films including Batman Begins, The Dark Knight, The Dark Knight Rises, Constantine, Catwoman, National Treasure, The Spirit, upcoming Doc Savage and many more. After twelve years, he still runs development for the family business, whose recent credits include the successful Lego Movie with the sequel and spin-off film Lego Batman in production now.

In 2007, Mr. Uslan became a partner in the formation of COG1 Entertainment, a digital interactive production and marketing company. As Senior Vice President of Development, he was responsible for selecting, acquiring and developing properties for feature film, television, gaming and digital outlets. During the fall of 2009, David came on board as Vice President of Business Development for Graphicly, a revolutionary digital publishing, conversion, and distribution company. Graphicly has partnered with over 12,000 top comic book and graphic novel publishers, mainstream publishing houses, and many small press and independent companies, to help produce, convert, as well as distribute their content across a wide range of eBook, mobile, web, and desktop platforms in new, socially interactive ways. In 2014, Uslan began working with Blurb, one of the largest self-publishing companies, helping them move into the mainstream entertainment space.

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Oct 4th 2016

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