Bonnie Stewart

Bonnie Stewart is an educator and social media researcher fascinated by who we are when we're online. Program Lead for Experiential Education at University of Prince Edward Island, and Founder/Director of the media literacy initiative Antigonish 2.0, Bonnie explores the intersections of knowledge, technology, and identity in her work. As a keynote speaker, Bonnie has presented on digital strategy, digital literacies, and change leadership across Canada and the US, and in Europe, Australia, and the Middle East. Bonnie's research focuses on the implications of networks and social media for institutions, and aims to enact the open, participatory, and collaborative ethos that she examines.

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Engagement in a Time of Polarization (edX)

How have our online interactions and engagement - as a society - become so toxic? Is there anything we as individuals and citizens can do to stop this trend, or at least stop it from stopping us? How can we work together in a society where our communications channels [...]
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