Archita Suryanarayanan

Archita has an interdisciplinary background, with a degree in architecture and urban studies, in addition to a diploma in journalism. She has contributed articles for mainstream media organisations like The Hindu , Mint and The New Indian Express on topics around the city, planning and urbanism. She has also worked as an editorial consultant. At IIHS, she provides writing and editorial support, and works on adapting research and practice work to reach wider audiences through public writing. She is also involved in planning training sessions on various forms of writing and editing. Her interests lie in writing, documentation and finding ways to distill academic ideas into more accessible formats.

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Writing and Disseminating Grey Literature (Coursera)

If you are a researcher, academic, student, development sector professional or a practitioner who is keen to reach the research-based knowledge you have created to a wider audience, this course is for you. Vast amounts of knowledge are produced by educational and research institutions through rigorous research and [...]
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