Andrei Shilnov

Andrei completed his first degree at TSU in 2013, after which he studied for his Master of Education degree at the University of Adelaide (Australia). He has co-authored several research articles in the area of English language teaching. His academic interests include English language testing and curriculum design in ESL.

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English Language Teaching: Classroom Management (Coursera)

The course will introduce students to important aspects of classroom management: class size and mixed abilities, grouping students, and error correction and feedback. It will look at how teaching a large class differs from teaching one-to-one, how to teach different content, and issues in teaching different students and special [...]

English Language Teaching: Materials and Planning (Coursera)

The course will introduce students to important aspects of materials and planning: using coursebooks, adapting & supplementing materials, and lesson planning. It will explore both the advantages and disadvantages of coursebooks, and how to approach choosing and evaluating coursebooks. Students will examine the rationale behind adapting and supplementing materials, [...]

English Language Teaching: An Introduction (Coursera)

The course will introduce students to basic concepts and issues in English Language Teaching. It will explore the history of ELT, mainstream approaches and new trends. Students will be familiarized with such methodologies as Grammar Translation, Audiolingualism, Presentation, Practice and Production, Communication Language Teaching, Task-based Learning, and Content and [...]