Jan 30th 2015

Human Rights: Global & Local Protection (iversity)

When and why have human rights become effectively central? The course will answer such questions, stressing the multi-level dimensions of the work for human rights.

Human rights are a complex issue. Their protection and promotion involve a number of actors: from international organisations to the local communities, from governments to civil society. They also affect different part of our live as individuals and as members of a community. This MOOC provides students with critical knowledge concerning the norms, institutions and procedures tasked to promote and protect human rights. Students will acquire the knowledge needed to actively join the global debate on the fundamental rights and to avail themselves of the existing legal and institutional instruments set up for their implementation. The MOOC introduces to the human rights legal framework in a multi-disciplinary and multi-level perspective, helping students to approach real-life scenarios with competence and with cultural and ethical awareness.

Students are expected to acquire a sound knowledge of the international system of human rights protection, and of the opportunities for human rights promotion and protection that are practically available at the national and local levels. The skills acquired by students attending this course can be preparatory for further specialization on this subject. Finally, students will be able to apply the acquired knowledge and skills to real scenarios, including in relation to their everyday life.