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E.g., 2016-07-26
E.g., 2016-07-26
Jan 18th 2016

Teaching Flipped gives university faculty an introduction to the ins and outs of teaching with a flipped, hybrid, or online MOOC-type classroom. We will cover the basics of flipped/hybrid/MOOC classes, what is known and not known in the literature, and where these learning methods are heading, how to develop the online (video) content as well as the in class active learning activities, ways to think about and organize your course, and how to assess both the students and your teaching.

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Jan 13th 2014

What the what? A course about swearing? (No need to put a quarter in the swear jar; it’s totally academic.) An honest-to-goodness linguistics professor will guide you through the study of taboo language, including syntax, semantics, phonology & morphology, psycholinguistics, sociolinguistics, pragmatics, second language acquisition, and cross-linguistic comparison. See? No four-letter words here, so you know it’s for scholars. Enroll today (unless you’re averse to obscenity) and learn everything you always wanted to know about bad words, but were afraid to ask your mother.

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