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Measuring Social Impact (OpenLearning)

Join this engaging introduction to measuring social impact, and challenge the way you think about measuring program outcomes! It is often assumed that measuring social impact, sometimes called program evaluation, is complex and expensive – however, this need not be the case! The aim of this course is to [...]

Minimum Viable Product (OpenLearning)

Self Paced
Minimum Viable Product (OpenLearning)
Free Course
Jump in for a hands-on understanding of why startups and organisations shift from traditional concepts of developing and delivering products to more effective minimum viable products. In this course, you will be guided towards best practice in developing, testing and evaluating your minimum viable product through developing a business [...]

Internet of Things (OpenLearning)

Get ready for an "IoT Future"! Explore what IoT is, how it's come about, and what skills are needed to build capabilities for this technological evolution. The Internet of Things (IoT) is one of the most exciting and impactful technological evolutions of our time. Through this course, you'll be [...]