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Teachers Without Borders connects teachers to information and each other to create local change on a global scale.

TWB aims to enhance education globally by supporting teachers locally. A world with well-trained, well-informed teachers is a world with smarter, healthier, wealthier, more peaceful individuals and societies. Support for a single teacher can foster the well-being of hundreds, even thousands, of learners and their communities.

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Oct 6th 2014

The film, “Girl Rising,” opens with Sokha, a Cambodian girl in a golden costume, dancing in slow motion. Suddenly, the camera shifts to her life before she was given the chance to get an education—Sokha’s previous life picking trash. How did she get from the dump to dance?

This course will focus on four themes directly related to the education of girls worldwide: (1) access and equity, (2) public health, (3) education in emergencies, and (4) empowerment. We will examine (a) research: the data around the education of girls, as well as analyses, images, and stories; (b) relationship: how new learning about girls’ education relates to our practice; and (c) results: the capacity to make a measurable difference in and for our classrooms, our communities, and the world.

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