Johan Skytte Institute of Political Studies

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Understanding EU-Russia Relations: Foreign Policy Actors, Institutions and Policy-Making (UT)

The main aim of the course is to give students an introduction to and overview of the EU’s and Russia’s foreign policy actors, institutions and frameworks of both entities’ interactions. The course combines various formats of e-learning possibilities (video lectures, short audio podcasts, guest video interviews, skills workshops, etc.). [...]

Diffusion and Impact of Internet Voting (UT)

The MOOC is comprised of weekly video lectures, which are divided into eight issue specific modules, introducing such topics as the theory and foundational pre-requisites of e-government in Estonia; diffusion and usage of electronic voting; impact on voter turnout and electronic results as well as behavioural aspects and the [...]

EU-Russia Relations: between the Vilnius and Riga Eastern Partnership Summits (UT)

The main aim of the course is to provide an interdisciplinary overview of EU-Russia relations through showcasing its dynamics and multi-vectorness from economics, security, political science, and media studies perspectives; as well as to demonstrate the impact of both actors’ policies on the post-Soviet [...]