European Wound Management Association

The European Wound Management Association promotes the advancement of education and research into native epidemiology, pathology, diagnosis, prevention and management of wounds of all aetiologies.

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Antimicrobial Stewardship in Wound Management (FutureLearn)

Gain insight into antimicrobial resistance, learn about the threats it poses to wound care, and explore preventative measures. Learn how to manage wound infection as a healthcare professional. It’s common to control wound infections with antibiotics. Understanding antimicrobial stewardship is key to preventing antimicrobial resistance and treating a range [...]

Uso racional de antibióticos en el tratamiento de heridas (FutureLearn)

Aprende sobre la resistencia a antibióticos, descubre la amenaza que supone al tratar heridas y conoce las medidas de prevención. Aprende a tratar las infecciones causadas por heridas como un profesional sanita. Es habitual recurrir a antibióticos para tratar las infecciones causadas por heridas. Por ello, es fundamental comprender [...]