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Symmetric Cryptography (Coursera)

Welcome to Symmetric Cryptography! Symmetric cryptography relies on shared secret key to ensure message confidentiality, so that the unauthorized attackers cannot retrieve the message. The course describes substitution and transposition techniques, which were the bases for classical cryptography when the message is encoded in natural language such as English. [...]

EU policy and implementation: making Europe work! (Coursera)

People have become more critical of EU policy and often seem to prefer local policy solutions in response to globalisation problems. How do you experience EU policy? Does it help? And if not, how can we change this? In this course, we learn how the European Union prepares and [...]

Molecular Biology - Part 2: Transcription and Transposition (edX)

Self Paced
Molecular Biology - Part 2: Transcription and Transposition (edX)
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Strengthen your scientific thinking and experimental design skills in this adventure through transcription and transposition. In Part 2 of this Molecular Biology course, you’ll explore transcription of DNA to RNA, a key part of the central dogma of biology and the first step of gene expression.