Sustainability & Major Sport Events Professional Certificate

What you will learn
- The five pillars of sustainability and the sustainability lifecycle
- Key human, social, economic, governance and environmental considerations when planning a sustainable major sport event
- Sustainable approaches to infrastructure and air, water and waste management
- Sustainable major sport event strategies and action plans
- Long-term impact and legacy of sustainable major sport events

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Sustainability & Major Sport Events: Implementation (edX)

Learn the best practices and tools you need to plan and implement a sustainable major sport event. When planning to host a major sport event you must take certain steps to ensure that the event is not only sustainable for the host city or region, but also leaves a [...]
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Sustainability & Major Sport Events: Principles (edX)

Learn the five pillars of sustainability and how to apply these when planning and hosting a major sport event. While any major sport event can pose great opportunities for the host city or region, there are also challenges associated with hosting these events. The environmental impact on the country's [...]
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