SAS Statistical Business Analyst Professional Certificate

This program is for those who want to enhance their predictive and statistical modeling skills to drive data-informed business outcomes. If modeling data for business outcomes is relevant in your job role or industry, this certificate is a valuable indication of your proficiency.
- Perform ANOVA, Regression, and logistic regression analysis with one or many inputs
- Prepare inputs for predictive models
- Train, validate, and evaluate statistical models

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Predictive Modeling with Logistic Regression using SAS (Coursera)

Oct 2nd 2023
Predictive Modeling with Logistic Regression using SAS (Coursera)
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This course covers predictive modeling using SAS/STAT software with emphasis on the LOGISTIC procedure. This course also discusses selecting variables and interactions, recoding categorical variables based on the smooth weight of evidence, assessing models, treating missing values, and using efficiency techniques for massive data sets. You learn to use [...]

Introduction to Statistical Analysis: Hypothesis Testing (Coursera)

This introductory course is for SAS software users who perform statistical analyses using SAS/STAT software. The focus is on t tests, ANOVA, and linear regression, and includes a brief introduction to logistic regression.