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Building High Quality User Experience Using Material UI (Coursera)

A user experience is built upon a user’s experiences and interactions with a product, system, or service. Providing high quality digital experiences in a web application involves writing CSS codes which focus on display, navigation, actions, input, and communication. However, CSS has its own set of challenges which can [...]

Building User Interfaces Using Functional React Components (Coursera)

React Components are generally implemented using Classes. Although they work well, they have their own set of limitations. The stateful logic provided by the class components lack reusability. To enhance the productivity, codes developers are expected to develop codes with reusability.

Front-End Web Development with React (Coursera)

This course explores Javascript based front-end application development, and in particular the React library (Currently Ver. 16.3). This course will use JavaScript ES6 for developing React application. You will also get an introduction to the use of Reactstrap for Bootstrap 4-based responsive UI design. You will be introduced to [...]

Building Interactive User Interfaces Using React Library (Coursera)

A frontend application is expected to have an attractive, responsive UI and a seamless UX with swift navigable views. Single Page Applications (SPAs) fulfill these expectations as they are lighter and efficient. React, a popular JavaScript library is used for developing complex user interfaces for single page applications (SPAs). [...]