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Introduction to Time Value of Money (TVM) (Coursera)

The strength of finance is that it takes a structured approach to decision making, with one key building block underlying all decisions — understanding the value of time, or the Time Value of Money (TVM). In this course, we will develop this building block using introductory, and simple, applications. [...]
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Valuation for Startups Using Discounted Cash Flows Approach (Coursera)

Discounted cash flow method means that we can find firm value by discounting future cash flows of a firm. That is, firm value is present value of cash flows a firm generates in the future. In order to understand the meaning of present value, we are going to discuss [...]
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The Science and Business of Biotechnology (edX)

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The Science and Business of Biotechnology (edX)
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Explore the latest scientific innovations in biotechnology, and novel business and financing models for commercializing them. This course focuses on early-stage biotechnology companies, with particular emphasis on understanding the underlying science, technology, and disease targets—together with the application of novel business structures and financing methods—to facilitate drug discovery, clinical [...]
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Introduction to Corporate Finance (edX)

Learn key financial concepts for evaluating and valuing investment opportunities, including how to value stocks and bonds. In this course, you will gain an understanding of time-honored financial concepts and rules, and how these can be applied to value firms, bonds, and stocks.
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