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Wasser in der Schweiz (Coursera)

Oct 25th 2021
Wasser in der Schweiz (Coursera)
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Wasser in der Schweiz. Tauchen Sie ein! Woher kommt das Wasser in der Schweiz? Was ist ein Jahrhunderthochwasser? Wie viel Wasser braucht die Schweiz? Warum ist Wasser so wichtig für die Schweiz? -- Wasser ist so zentral für unser tägliches Leben und trotzdem ist das Wissen über Wasser häufig [...]
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Water on Earth: An Introduction (edX)

This course covers the flow of water as it falls to the earth and travels towards rivers, lakes and oceans. This includes the basic concepts and definition of a watershed, including how to delineate watershed boundaries. Water budgets and water fluxes will also be introduced, along with the different [...]
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Come Rain or Shine: Understanding the Weather (FutureLearn)

Understand and explore the physical processes behind the weather. Weather affects our lives almost every day through what we wear, what we eat and what we do. But why is it rainy, windy or sometimes even sunny? Explore some of the physical processes driving UK weather systems and get [...]
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