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Tackling Lead Poisoning in Public Health (FutureLearn)

Jul 19th 2021
Tackling Lead Poisoning in Public Health (FutureLearn)
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Explore lead incidents as a public health issue and learn how lead incidents are managed in England and internationally. Develop your understanding of lead poisoning and public health policy This course offers learners the chance to learn why tackling lead poisoning is important and explore how lead poisoning impacts health [...]
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First Aid Course (American BLS)

Take the free online first aid course and learn the skills necessary to save lives. Basic First Aid skills are some of the most overlooked and under-appreciated skills a person could have. Would you be prepared to act quickly if a friend or loved one started having an emergency?
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Poisonings in the Home and Community: Assessment and Emergency Response (Coursera)

This is a survey course on the principles of Clinical Toxicology. The emphasis will be pre-hospital and emergency hospital management of poisonings with a case-oriented lecture format. The topics are prioritized by prevalence of human poisoning, natural and synthetic toxins, and target organ [...]
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