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Lectures on Selected Topics in Classical and Fluid Mechanics (Coursera)

This course is devoted to selected problems of classical (theoretical) and fluid mechanics which are usually remain outside the standard course of mechanics. Despite the fact that the course is aimed at students with an understanding of the methods and approaches of classical and fluid mechanics, several lectures of [...]
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Machine Dynamics with MATLAB (edX)

Jun 7th 2021
Machine Dynamics with MATLAB (edX)
Course Auditing
Are you keen to design a vehicle suspension using MATLAB? In this course, you will start at the very beginning of dynamic modelling, simulation and analysis of a technical system using different MathWorks products.
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Learning Physics through Simple Experiments (IIT Kanpur)

This course will cover some basic principles of Physics and will describe them through few simple experiments. Sometimes the phenomena will be shown first, then in order to understand and analyze it, the theory will be explained. In some cases it will be the reverse.
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