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Sep 27th 2017

Explore intermediate and advanced topics in computer science by building mobile apps with App Inventor for Android. We will use the free and open tool, App Inventor for Android, to explore advanced topics in computer science. You’ll build an app a week, exploring such advanced topics as gameplay over a network, encryption, and more. At the end of the course, we’ll collectively decide on an app that we will build together. You will be able to build almost anything you can imagine!

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Feb 7th 2017

This course introduces basic principles of computer science by designing and building mobile apps in App Inventor for Android. Learn to use the open development tool, App Inventor, to program on Android devices. You will learn how to design and build mobile apps -- apps that are aware of their location, send and receive text messages, and give advice and directions. The only limit on the types of apps you will learn to build is your own imagination!

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