Mindfulness and Well-being Specialization

The goal of the Specialization is to showcase the ways in which the practice of mindfulness is an effective means of enhancing and maintaining optimal health and overall well-being that can be implemented in every aspect of daily living. The intention of the Specialization is to supply learners with practical tools to support thriving in life. Each course will feature mindfulness practices, directions for implementation and application, experiential exercises and reflection opportunities.

What You Will Learn:
- The theory and impact of mindfulness practice
- The tools and methods to incorporate this practice into your life
- Key mindfulness concepts and practices that support the ability to use attention in an enhanced way.
- Concepts and practices that deepen the understanding of the mind/body connection, and highlights ways that the body is a direct portal to presence.

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Mindfulness and Well-being: Peace in, Peace Out (Coursera)

Jun 24th 2024
Mindfulness and Well-being: Peace in, Peace Out (Coursera)
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The purpose of this course is to introduce mindfulness as a robust tool for spiritual development. Highlighting its rich traditional roots, the course explores the capacity of mindfulness to expand understanding about the nature of human consciousness and facilitate certain transcendent emotional experiences, including awe, wonder and flow. [...]