Microeconomics Professional Certificate

What you will learn:
- Be able to describe microeconomic principles and concepts
- Have an appreciation for how micro economic data can be used
- Apply appropriate economic theory related to real-life contexts
- Critically investigate proposed outcomes using economic theory
- Ability to interpret and translate economic analysis findings using plain, non-technical language.

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Principles of Microeconomics: Social Microeconomics (edX)

Learn about the realm of public goods and game theory. You will investigate and analyse how competitive markets, price discrimination and many more microeconimic concepts contribute to particular outcomes in the real world. In this course, we begin your strategic thinking journey by exploring imperfect competition, price discrimination, oligopoly, [...]

Principles of Microeconomics: An Economist Way of Thinking (edX)

Explore the fundamentals of microeconomics including economic efficiency, scarcity and opportunity costs. This course will set you up to think like an economist and to identify how economics relates to the everyday choices we make. Recent global economic and non-economic events have highlighted the importance of informed and well [...]

Principles of Microeconomics: Competitive Markets (edX)

Become immersed in economic concepts including elasticity of demand, market pricing, explicit and implicit costs and economic profit maximisation. Learn about monopolistic markets and market structure impacts on production and profit. By undertaking this course, you will be immersed in economic concepts including elasticity calculation, elasticity of demand, market [...]