Meta Spark Creator AR Certification Prep Specialization

Build your career in AR development. In this specialization, you’ll build skills that will prepare you for the Meta Spark Creator AR Certification exam.
Augmented Reality is projected to be a $88 billion industry by 2026 and Meta Spark AR is used by over 750 million users across the world every month to tell interesting stories and spread their messages. This program is designed by experts at Meta to help you prepare for the industry-recognized Meta Spark Creator AR Certification exam. Upon successfully passing this examination you will receive a Meta Certified Spark AR Creator badge, which can help you distinguish your AR skills in the marketplace.
This program includes three courses that will help you learn about the fundamentals of AR, AR applications, AR software development life cycle, AR in marketing using Spark AR, pushing content to Instagram using Meta Spark Hub and more. You will also put together a portfolio of the projects you complete throughout the program, which you can use during interviews, and gain access to the study guide and other resources to help you prepare to take the exam.
By the end of the program, you will be able to:
- Describe AR’s defining characteristics, affordances and capabilities.
- Create content in Meta Spark and push it to Instagram using Meta Spark Hub.
- Identify Agile and Scrum best practices for Meta Spark development.
- Prepare for the Meta Spark Creator AR Certification exam.

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